Agent H

The HZRDUS alien design is a personal favorite of mine. It allows me to show the creative side of the brand and really pushed me to do something crazy.



The first official collection "Origins," is meant to set the brand identity and tone for HZRDUS.

Agent H is the first of the alien designs, and you should expect more as the brand continues to grow. 

Agent H represents the fact that we are all unique individuals, we must not be afraid to be different and chart our own paths. We are specks of dust in an immensely big universe, we should be greatful for the chance we have at living life.


Oceanstate Anchor

The HZRDUS Oceanstate Anchor design has the simplest background story.

Rhode Island is where I started my brand, and it's a natural fit to include a anchor design as part of the first HZRDUS collection "Origins." 



HZRDUS is also dedicated to inspiring and promoting talent from Rhode Island that I feel represent the HZRDUS lifestyle and core values. Even though I have plans of expanding, I hope to always maintain strong roots to the 401.


The first official design for HZRDUS is the original gas mask logo. Many might not realize the inspiration for this design stems from the breathing apparatus attached to the filters of a gas mask. A lot of people say it looks like a bullseye, Wi-Fi, a target, and even an explosion.

Those aren't necessarily wrong, as it was designed to be open for interpretation, and all those infrences do in fact capture what HZRDUS stands for.


Why is the HZRDUS logo based on a gas mask?

There isn't a simple answer, but it all comes from the phrase "THE HAZARD IS US" and a sketch of a man wearing a business suit and gas mask.

The man wearing a business suit represents the average person, working 9-5, getting paid and probably leading a decent life. The gas mask stands for isolation against pollution; both literally and figuratively. Together the symbolism in this image aims to portray that we are living in a world that has violence, disaster, war, etc; and while all of this is happening around us we isolate ourselves and focus on our own sheltered lives... most people are probably not even aware of some of the shit that happens.

Simply put the original logo is meant to look like its sending a message, it's meant to draw attention and make others look, and it should bring up the question what is HZRDUS? 



Whatever it takes

There's so much you can do with life... or you could do nothing with it. The choice is yours, and in the end only you can decide how you want to live.

One thing no one can change however, is the fact that we must all work in order to make ends meet, so why not make work something you love and are truly passionate about. 

I suppose it may not always be easy, and trying to start your own thing may be too risky for some. If you don't like the idea of potentially failing, go ahead play it safe, no one will stop you.

But if you prefer a more #HZRDUS way of living, do whatever it takes, don't stop believing in your dreams and chasing the future you desire.